hearing aid frequently asked questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to check my hearing?
You need to have your hearing, or that of your child, assessed by a registered professional, whenever you are concerned. Here are a few indications that you may have a loss of hearing:

• People seem to mumble
• You frequently ask people to repeat what they have said
• You get frustrated with people because you cannot hear what they are saying
• People sometimes tell you that you are talking too loudly
• More than one person has told you to do something about your hearing
• You do not enjoy family and social events because you struggle to hear
• You hear easily in quiet, but struggle to hear in background noise
• People complain that your TV or radio is too loud
• You have difficulty communicating over the phone

Most of these points involve others, and that is because hearing loss affects communication, and thus is frequently noticed by others before the person with the hearing loss is aware of the problem

What is typically involved in assessing a patient’s hearing?
A typical first assessment will involve discussion regarding your hearing concerns and hearing needs, as well as an objective test to establish your hearing levels. This test is done in a soundproof booth, and requires you to respond to sounds presented through headphones. The results of the test will be explained to you, and recommendations will be discussed.

What is involved if a hearing aid is recommended?
You and your audiologist will use information regarding your hearing loss, your lifestyle needs, as well as your financial budget and/or medical aid cover, to select the hearing device most suited to your requirements.

Is it necessary to wear two hearing aids?
If you have a hearing loss in both ears, and both ears are suited to amplification, two hearing aids are likely to be recommended. Hearing with both ears provides maximum sound quality, sound localisation and speech clarity (particularly in noisy situations).

How do I know if I will benefit from a hearing aid?
Most audiologists will allow you a trial period with hearing aids, to enable you to be sure of their benefit and suitability.

Is the cost of a hearing aid based on its size?
No. The cost of a hearing aid is primarily based on the technology of the hearing aid. A small hearing aid with limited technology will cost less than a large behind-the-ear hearing aid with advanced technological features.
hearing aid faq
hearing aid
hearing frequently asked questions
hearing aid frequently asked questions
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